Discover How to be Paid to spend money

Discover How to be Paid to spend money

Have you ever wished that you could be paid to spend money? No doubt in our consumer driven world we’d all be millionaires based on how easy we can empty our wallets.

Well, believe it or not, the current Mannatech Loyalty Program does exactly that and our associates couldn’t be happier! Every purchase that is made as an Automatic Order, earns that associate Loyalty Credits that they use to receive extra product for free! Since the program launched just over 2 years ago, we have received so much great feedback from associates who are reaping the rewards and benefits of the savings. We wanted to share some of their feedback with you:

“My Loyalty Points enable me to freely and without cost, give in a practical way to a person who would love a sample of Uth, a GI-ProBalance slimsticks to settle their tummy, or Manna C.”
Colleen Ryan – Executive Director


“The best option is to choose our Loyalty Program. This allows you a 20% reward back on the total cost of your product order over the next 3 consecutive auto orders.”
Robyn Sully – Presidential Director



Blog_Patsy “We have saved over AU$1,420! WOW WOW WOW! We are so chuffed!!! This is an eye-opener for us all; participate in Automatic orders and share the benefits with others. Thank you Mannatech!”
Patsy Walkden-Brown – Executive Director




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