Mannatech’s Elevator Science Pitch

Mannatech’s Elevator Science Pitch


Mannatech is going through one of its most pivotal and cathartic stages of development since its birth. We are all fortunate enough to be present and all have a personal role to play in the rise of Mannatech’s new era.

As we strive to improve the lives of ourselves, our loved ones and those around us it is important to share our mission and vision in a way that reflects who we are on a global scale. To aid you in this, we have devised a new marketing pitch that is US approved and ready to be utilised to share what Mannatech represents as a globalised community and why our glyconutrition is universally life changing.

So what do you say to new people who ask you, “Who is Mannatech?” and “What do Mannatech do?” Try these preferred options:

SHORT Introduction
“Mannatech transform’s your wellness by nourishing your cells.”

EXTENDED Introduction
“The human body is a miracle. There are trillions of cells in your body, and they communicate with one another. These cells know when they need nourishment, protection, repair, and even destruction. When cells don’t have optimal nutrition, however, they may not communicate well.

But with Mannatech’s glyconutrients you may find that your body can do amazing things. Mannatech is the pioneer and patent holder for the groundbreaking glyconutrient technology that’s revolutionising nutrition, immune health, weight loss, skincare and more.”

For more information on how you can use this pitch to help you share glyconutrition with those around you contact your up line for further details.

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