Have you filled someone’s bucket today ?

Have you filled someone’s bucket today ?

By Regional Director Jodie Butson

Jodie Butson

Regional Director Jodie Butson

I have a couple of amazing sisters, both younger than me but both amazing girls who are a great support  to me and at times brutally honest with  some great words of wisdom ! I was talking to one of them not long ago , on a day that  I was feeling physically and emotionally drained. She then proceeded to ask me “Have you filled your emotional  bucket  today?”

My brain went into over drive instantly on ways I could fill my bucket…then I thought how good would it feel to help fill other peoples too!

 art-appreciation-bucket-fillers.jpg.crop_displayHere’s what I came up with :

  • How good does it feel when we are praised, appreciated or to just have someone randomly do  something nice for us ? Pretty good hey?
  • How good do you think it would feel to be the person to do the praising , appreciating or doing the random nice thing? Pretty good hey? ….that would not only be filling your own bucket but someone elses  too!

We all live such busy lives, often just trying to survive, often just trying to keep our heads above water.

We don’t have the chance to stop and look around, to appreciate or do the small things that make us happy. Just a few simple words or actions can make someone’s day. 

My challenge to you all is to go and fill someone’s emotional bucket at least once a week .  It can be as simple as telling someone their dress / hair / suit / handbag /tie is lovely .It could be just smiling at a complete stranger & saying g’day ( way too many grumpy people around these days, their buckets are particularly empty !) .What about just sitting next to an elderly person & having a chat, they are nearly  always up for it & boy can we learn A LOT from them ! The sky is the limit …be brave, be imaginative, and just do it! I have and boy oh boy is my bucket full on those days!

You never know what someone else may be going through in their lives or what sort of day they are having but you may just change an awful day to an AWESOME day for them with just a few kind words or actions. The rewards are great because at the same time, you are filling your own bucket !

Give it a go, I dare you! 

Go fill those buckets  


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