Global MannaFest Award Winners

Global MannaFest Award Winners

We have such a fantastic community of driven, high achieving Associates and we’re always so proud to share their achievements with everyone to inspire and motivate. We are proud to announce the Global MannaFest award winners that were recognised at our biggest global event for the year.

Top Income Growth
Gold Presidential Director, Cheryl Gilchrist

Cheryl Gilchrist

Gold Presidential Director, Cheryl Gilchrist

Annual Business Builder of the Year (Exclusive to Presidential Directors)
Silver Presidential Directors, James and Kasey Hannan

Top Enrollers of the Year
Bronze Presidential Directors, Lydia & Justin Leong

Rookie of the Year
National Director, Rachel O’Connor

New Business Development Winner (Exclusive to Presidential Directors)
Presidential Director, Naomi Enevoldson

Australasian Award Winne#72

From left to right: Silver Presidential Director, Kasey Hannan | Silver Presidential Director, James Hannan | Bronze Presidential Directors, Lydia Leong | Bronze Presidential Directors, Justin Leong | National Director, Rachel O’Connor | Presidential Director, Naomi Enevoldson.

These leaders have gone above and beyond to receive this recognition and have set a great example for other aspiring business builders in the Mannatech family.

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