Hosting an XFM – Anytime, Anywhere

Hosting an XFM – Anytime, Anywhere


Recently, New South Wales based National Director Paula Khouri took great initiative and hosted an XFM at her local McDonalds, in answer to a request from a prospect. While initially a fast food outlet did not seem like the most lucrative location to be discussing health and wellness, it paid off! Paula Khouri shared her XFM experience with us.

“On Monday 7 March 2016 I held an XFM party in McDonalds for a lady that I’ve been talking to since October 2015 about OsoLean® but she wasn’t quite ready.

“I always keep in contact with clients that say to me ‘no, sorry now’s not a good time for me’ or ‘I want more time to think about it’. About every 7 to 10 days I drop them a line to see how they are going or if we have a new offer, I tell them about it, just have a brief “hello” type chat.

“Well one day I got the call, ‘I need to do this, enough is enough’ and because I had kept in contact, she felt comfortable enough to call me and ask to proceed. The only place she would meet was at McDonalds, so I thought ok this is scary but I can do this, and I did!

“My daughter Elenna and I went to McDonalds and set up our products after scoping out an area that had a good flow of people that could potentially listen in on the XFM in passing. Out of the three guests invited, two showed up. I got up and introduced myself, made small talk and went straight into the XFM format.

“I showed presentations on my phone through our A Team App. We discussed The Shocking Truth About Food Video which was followed by an OsoLean® presentation where we talked about how it works before going on to discuss the other products and their benefits. They had a lot of questions which I was able to easily answer using our app.

“The XFM concluded with all attendees signing up and after sharing their experience with the other guest who couldn’t make it, she now wants to come on board too!

“It goes to show that you can have a XFM party anywhere. I held mine at McDonalds, but an afternoon in the park with other mums or at a BBQ with friends could easily work too. Anytime, anywhere!”

National Director, Paula Khouri

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