MyMannatech Launch Postponed

MyMannatech Launch Postponed

Due to IT development delays, the launch of MyMannatech will be postponed until further notice..

Our team is working hard to ensure the new back office system is everything we promised it would be, and so much more. The feedback our Pilot program has provided is invaluable and we thank all of those involved for taking the time to provide feedback so we deliver a truly ‘social, mobile and global’ business tool.

Some key benefits of the brand new system:

  • User friendly, easy to navigate and intuitive system with a clean fresh look and layout
  • Associates will have a snapshot of their organisation structure and sales on the dashboard,
  • Reporting functionality will be flexible and provide Associates with the ability to easily pull information that is important to
  • each individual
  • Uplines will have the ability to assign new people to a specific Associate or Downline via the Waiting Room function
  • It will place important lead generating documents and forms at the finger tips of our Associates
  • New Associates can sign up with a single/unique email address
  • Associates will have the ability to change their subscription plan to MyMannatech at any time from within their login

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time. We look forward to bringing you a state-of-the-art platform in the near future.

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