Super Regionals are super hot!

Super Regionals are super hot!

If you are running a Mannatech business and live in Adelaide, Newcastle or Singapore, you’re in for a treat. Super Regional events are coming your way!

Super Regionals are initiated and driven by leaders in the Mannatech community who already run their own successful six-figure Mannatech businesses.  As an attendee, you will feel equipped, energised and empowered to super charge your Mannatech business, working together with your team and the wider Mannatech community to create change and bring success, and spread the Mannatech story far and wide.

Adelaide Super Regional, Saturday 6th December 2014

For details about the Adelaide Super Regional, click here. The following guest speakers will talk about the company, products and the business opportunity.

Silver Presidential Director Simeon Cryer

simeonSimeon Cryer has travelled the world and created a very successful career in direct selling with Mannatech.

He is a Silver Presidential with an international business and is a sought after trainer and key note speaker. He is both entertaining and knowledgeable, so don’t miss this inspiring presenter.


Presidential Director Robyn Sully

RobynRobyn has created a successful Mannatech business spanning several states and various countries.

She has a passion for changing the lives of others through sharing her story and her extensive product knowledge. She has experienced first hand the impact of Mannatech’s M5MSM programme in Mexico and will share what this has meant to her personally and her business.


Singapore Super Regional, Saturday 6th December 2014

Come and support Singapore’s first Super Regional event at the new Singapore Business Centre.

There will be 5 hours of solid product and business-building content. As an attendee at the Singapore Super Regional, you will:

  • Gain more product knowledge
  • Build bullet-proof belief
  • Discover both the art and science of building a large and successful Mannatech business
  • Learn how to build a team of leaders who then build a team of leaders

Details about this event will be available here shortly (link

Newcastle Super Regional – 13th December 2014

Following the Three Point Plan formula to a tee, the Newcastle team are planning an evening of specialised leadership training combined on Friday 12th December, followed by a Super Regional the next day.

Both events will feature:

  • Bronze Presidential Director, Karen Denniss
  • Silver Presidential Director, Ken Green
  • Silver Presidentials, James and Kasey Hannan.

Business building tools will be available for sale at both events for cash or cheque payments only.

Leadership Training

This 2 hour exclusive training session will be for National Directors and above.

Super Regional

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to do something and attending this Super Regional event will be a great decision for your business.

Melbourne Super Regional – bringing people together

The Melbourne Super Regional  was held on November 6th. All Associates benefitted from attending:

“It was great to see so many new faces and catch up with everyone. I had a few ‘ah ha’ moments and came away with a renewed energy. These events are so important to get to if you want to gain confidence and grow your business,” Executive Director Nicole Quirin.

Group Shot Melbourne SR Nov 8 2014

Melbourne Super Regional Nov 8 2014

ED Nicole Quirin, BD Manager Catherine Micallef & Silver PD Maureen Forrest

ED Nicole Quirin, BD Manager Catherine Micallef & Silver PD Maureen Forrest

Silver PD James Hannan, Bronze PD Lyn Leine & Silver PD Simeon Cryer

Attendees at the Melbourne Super Regional:

  1. CONNECTED with other like-minded social entrepreneurs
  2. WERE INSPIRED by stories of success and product testimonials
  3. WERE RECOGNISED for their achievements
  4. BECAME MORE KNOWLEDGABLE about Mannatech products
  5. LEARNED how to change their world whilst changing the lives of others or “create a lifestyle while doing good”.


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