XFM Re-Vamp!

XFM Re-Vamp!


One of the easiest ways to introduce people to Mannatech is through in-home presentations or XFM’s.

XFM’s enable you to display and demonstrate our products and story at the homes or businesses of friends and family. There is no better way to get a group of people together for some taste-testing and a whole lot of fun!

Over the past few years, XFM’s have been used by many teams throughout Australasia, creating success and team growth along the way. Now, with our company rebrand fast approaching and the new age of Mannatech just around the corner, we’ve revamped these incredible tools to match our style and swagger as well as creating easy to follow presentation guides that will help even the newest Associate feel confident and all-knowing when meeting new people at a XFM’s presentation opportunity.

What’s NEW?

Everything! We’ve updated everything from the Getting Started Guide to the presentation timelines (Nutrition & Beauty). The sequence of events runs easily to be less than an hour including video’s, product demonstrations, questionnaires and testimonial segments. We’ve even provided recipe cards and invitation templates to ensure the look and feel is professional and simple to use for everyone who wants to give them a try.

For those who attend a Super Regional this month, they will receive a hand XFM pack with all of these tools printed and supplied so you will have all the tools at hand at your next XFM meeting.
Pack inclusions:

  • Getting Started Guide
  • Nutrition Presentation Event Timeline
  • Beauty Presentation Event Timeline
  • 10 x XFM Recipes
  • XFM Skin Assessment Form
  • XFM Application Forms
  • XFM Invitations (Nutrition & Beauty)
  • XFM Questionnaires

The biggest highlight of the new kit is the inclusion of the “You Choose” close video. This highlights the 3 key people who join Mannatech and explains in a personable way just exactly what the benefits are of joining such an incredible company. If you’re unsure how to wrap up a XFM, this video does it for you in less than 2 minutes! Download the video and save it to your desktop to play at will to your guests.

Where can I get one?!

Each attendee who comes along to our February Super Regional will receive a new and improved XFM kit for FREE! You will also get to be involved in a live demonstration of an XFM presentation on the day, using the new kit as well as gain helpful hints and tips to make your next in-home presentation a hit!

To find out when the next Super Regional is happening visit the Mannatech Australasia Events page! If you’re unable to attend your local Super Regional, you can download the materials on our website by visiting. Mannatech XFM page!

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