Join the Mannatech XFM Xecutive Success Stories and get a Bonus $200

Join the Mannatech XFM Xecutive Success Stories and get a Bonus $200


With Mannatech’s rebrand fast approaching and the new age just around the corner, we’ve re-vamped our XFM kits to match our style and swagger as well as creating easy to follow presentation guides that will help even the newest Associate feel confident and all-knowing when meeting new people at an XFM presentation opportunity.

Our hope is that the kits really aid you to reach a new plateau with your XFM success and the growth of your business. To help drive you even further, we have set a fun competition to recognise those Associates who really make the most of the new and improved kits.

Introducing the XFM Xecutives!
To become a member of this great group of people you must achieve the best results in a set time over 2 BP’s based on your in-home presentation success. Winners will be recognised in one of our various online or printed publications as well as $200 in cash for becoming an XFM Xecutive!

For BP3 and BP4 the focus is on Top Sales!
To enter the competition and have a chance to join the exclusive XFM Xecutive group and score an extra $200 cash click here.

Get your team involved and good luck!

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