Compensation Plan Enhancements May 2020

Compensation Plan Enhancements May 2020

We had the great pleasure to listen to Chris Simons, Regional President who was our special guest last week for our Tuesday Business Booster Training Call. Chris took us through the Compensation Plan Enhancements for Q2 2020, which included changes to the Power Seller Bonus, AQ personal, as well as the launch of the Customer Referral Program. Compensation Plan enhancements take effect as of 1st May, 2020.

Power Seller Bonus – Enhancements

As of 1st May, the Power Seller Bonus is now based on a minimum of 2 Active Preferred Customers*. The bonus pays 10% or 15% on your PPV, which is your personal order plus all your customer orders.

The Power Seller Bonus (PSB) was previously a four-tiered system, with commissions between 5% up to 15% based on your customer volume + your personal purchase. (qualified to a minimum of 150PPV). Commissions were paid based on commissionable volume, which was tricky to calculate and not obvious.

As part of the enhancements, the new PSB system is moving to a two-tiered system, based on PPV that pays either 10% or 15% on the price paid for the product order. (subtotal excluding GST and shipping). This system is simpler and means that you can earn more commissions.

During the training call, Chris gave numerous active examples of earning the Power Seller Bonus (PSB) comparing the existing bonus to the new enhancements. These examples are in the presentation document, linked below.

To earn the PSB you must also have a minimum of two (2) Active Preferred Customers. A minimum of 200PPV is required to earn customer commissions, of 10% (Power 10).

If you have 500PPV or more, you are eligible to earn 15% (Power 15), however you must have at least 5 active preferred customers. An active preferred customer is a customer with a 50PV order (either OTO or Auto).

For more information on the Enhancements see the following updated documents for your reference:

Chris Simons Compensation Plan Enhancements Powerpoint
Chris Simons Business Booster call
Power Seller Bonus Flyer

Compensation Plan Fundamentals AUS
Compensation Plan Summary AUS

Compensation Plan Fundamentals NZ/SG
Compensation Plan Summary NZ/SG

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