Come to Conference Promotion

Come to Conference Promotion

Take advantage of our Come to Conference Promotion and offset your cost!


How does it work?

It’s simple!

1. Earn 2,500PV* or more by enrolling NEW Customers / Associates between 1st October – 31st December 2019.

2. Receive $250AUD reimbursement / In NZ: $500NZD reimbursement / In SING: $750SGD on your conference reimbursement (after the event).

3.  Attend Australasian Conference 2020. Be part of the biggest event of the year. Make sure you register before 17th January, 2020.


• Earn 2,500 PV or more by enrolling NEW Customers/Associates during the promotional period.
• In AUS: $250AUD reimbursement / In NZ: $500NZD reimbursement / In SING: $750SGD reimbursement
• As an Enroller, only your NEW Customer/Associate PV will be counted towards this promotion.
• There is no minimum PV for your NEW Customer/Associate order.
• The Enroller must have 150PV per month throughout the period.
• You must attend the Australasian Conference 2020 to be able to receive your reimbursement.
• For Singapore and NZ Associates, receipts will need to submitted to with a completed reimbursement form.
• Receipts will be able to be submitted for registration, flight and accommodation expenses only.
• Enrollers will be reimbursed after Conference 2020 via manual separate EFT payment, after commission run.
• Reimbursement amount only available to one position/person and not transferable.
• Reimbursement cannot be applied to dinner only registration, only full registrations.

Download and complete your Reimbursement form here.

Access the full 2020 Australasian Conference Website here. 

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