Go for Gold Promotion

Go for Gold Promotion

In celebration of the upcoming Olympics in Rio, Mannatech has launched the Go for Gold Promotion ! In true Olympic spirit, we’re rewarding team success and individual triumphs.

How to achieve:

  • Champion All Star Pack receives a 20% discount for BP9 ONLY
    AU $495, NZ $535, SG $620
  • Double Direct Bonus on all Sign Up Packs

Note that to make the most of the bonuses available you must achieve particular conditions throughout multiple BP’s within promotion period (BP9 – BP11).

Terms & Conditions

  • Not applicable to the AU$12 /NZ$13 or SG Free Registration Packs.
  • The Champion All Star Pack discount offer is available for BP9 only, this special offer is also applicable for Champion All Star Upgrades.
    Discounted prices: AU $495, NZ $535, SG $620
  • The Champion All Star Direct Bonus for the discounted offer: AU$62, NZ $69, SG $78
  • To be eligible for the Double Direct Bonus the Associate must have 2 x 100PV Automatic orders generate within the next 2 BP’s on an All Star Pack Sign Up. On a Preferred Pack Sign Up only 1 x 100PV Automatic Order is required to be eligible. Double Direct Bonus points are based on the original sign up pack that the Associate joins on. This bonus is also applicable for All Star Upgrades.
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