New Zealand XFM Incentive

New Zealand XFM Incentive

Win Flights to the Australasian MannaFest 2016 Event!

For BP 7 & BP8 only we have launched an XFM In-home Presentation incentive for all New Zealand Associates, giving 3 lucky Associates the chance to WIN return flights1 to Sydney for the Australasian MannaFest 20/20 Vision event!

How can this incentive help you grow your business?

By hosting regular XFM’s and gaining new sign ups each week you create a snowball effect that will build your team up over 2 BP’s. Here’s how:

How to build your business

How to Qualify

Host regular and multiple XFM’s throughout the incentive period (BP7 & BP8, 2016) to earn incentive points. You must have a minimum of 20 points to qualify for the incentive prize. The top achievers will win return flights to Sydney!

Point Value

Host an XFM1 Point
New Sign Up Pack*3 Points
New Automatic Order**3 Points

*Excluding NZ$13 Registration Pack
** New Automatic Orders can be combined to achieve 100pv

The Incentive period has begun so print your tracker, and put on your hosting hat! You could be flying to Sydney for the Australasian MannaFest 20/20 Vision event!

1 Flights are up to the value of NZ$1000. Only winners of the incentive are eligible for the tickets and airfare’s cannot be split between people.

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