What’s in the Box? Don’t miss out on information

What’s in the Box? Don’t miss out on information

Don’t miss out on information that can save you money in every Automatic order 

Mannatech values the loyalty and consistent commitment of our associates, so we include unique gifts, and promotional offers that give you better value for money! This is not a once-every-now- and-then kind of affair. There is something in EVERY order!

Not only do Automatic orders make it easier to receive the products you need to maintain health and well-being, but some promotional offers and gifts are exclusive. This means if you don’t have an automatic order scheduled, you could miss out on potential savings and added value that we like to reward our associates with.

As an example, below are a few of the promotions and gifts we have circulating in orders for BP12:

– When you purchase EM•PACT® citrus-flavored drink mix, you receive a free stainless steel branded drink bottle. (Valid for the first 500 orders)

– Purchase any Ambrotose Complex®or Advanced Ambrotose® powders and receive 2 sample sachets of Nu-Flavour (chocolate and vanilla). PLUS great recipe suggestions.

– Purchase the Ūth Skincare Trio pack and get a whole box of Ūth Skin Rejuvenation Crème at no extra cost.

– With any order of OsoLean® you get one box of EACH flavour of Nu-Flavour product.

If you aren’t already benefitting from all the potential rewards of automatic ordering, now is the time to get ahead and plan your Automatic order. If you already have an Automatic order scheduled, but weren’t aware of any of the promotions listed above, CHECK WHAT’S IN THE BOX and read the brochures included. You don’t want to miss out on promotional offers!

You can schedule an AO by selecting the Automatic order option in the standard online order form.

Alternatively you can schedule an Automatic order by contacting the Customer Service team on AU1300 361 878 NZ0800 333 250 SG800 130 1597

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