Going ND in BP13

Going ND in BP13

by NZ National Director Sarah Taylor

“My goal for 2014 was to go National Director. I had been Regional Director for well over a year and it was starting to bug me!

“At the 2014 Australasian Convention I watched the new National Directors go up on stage, I watched other crossline Associates achieve new levels and I just wanted to get there too.

“I had also involved my family in the goal. I told my four children that when we became National Directors I would give them $50 each to spend on whatever they wanted and they kept asking me, “When are we going to be National?!” I had four daily in-home reminders prodding me to my goal!

“It got towards the end of 2014 and I realised I had to ‘pull out all stops’ to achieve my goal. I rang my team and other friends and set up as many ŪthTM parties, meetings and appointments as I could. I brought as many guests as I could to meetings and I contacted more people, including ringing past customers. My upline leaders also knew my goal and their support and encouragement proved invaluable.

“I started the first week of BP13 with a great meeting in Christchurch supported by my wonderful downline, Regional Director Elaine Steer. I was off to a great start!

“But in the second week my personal life was turned upside down. A very dear friend and mentor passed away. It was a very difficult time; we had all hoped she would be there for Christmas. She had been a great support to me and I had been looking forward to sharing my excitement with her when I achieved National Director. On top of that my father fell off a ladder and severely injured himself, my cat was run over and I broke my foot. There was one day in that second week that I cried most of the day in between appointments and I wondered if I could keep going.

“One of the things that helped me was that I realised that my friend would have wanted me to ‘Go for it!’ I also had all these Ūth parties and appointments already set up and I wasn’t going to let those people down. So I kept on going.

“At the start of the last week of the business period I was sure I would achieve my goal, but unexpectedly my GPV dropped. I felt like a deflated balloon. In those last few days my upline, Executive Director Colleen Ryan, was my greatest support. She lifted me up and made me believe I could do it. She encouraged me to just make those few extra calls and not to lose hope. And on the very last day of the BP I got there!

“My huge thanks to my upline for all their support – National Directors Rosina and Johan van der Merwe, Executive Director Colleen Ryan, Bronze Presidential Directors Cliff McChesney and Chris and Bev Gregory, Silver Presidential Directors James and Kasey Hannan – to my wonderful team and my very supportive family.”

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    Christine Brogan at 10:26 am

    I can relate only too well with your story. I too am tired of being a regional. Your story has inspired me thanks for sharing.

    Well done,

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    Chris at 11:12 pm

    Brilliant Sarah. You deserve it and all the other achievements you will reach. TEAM. Together Each Achieves More and you are an important part of the team. As you have helped others reach their goals, you have and will reach theirs. We so appreciate and value you as a very important friend, mentor and team member.

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