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As Jason blitzes through the halfway mark of his epic 100-day Mannatech M5MSM China Run, we’re constantly reminded of his power, passion and commitment to the Mission 5 Million cause. He still has a long way to go but on day 55 of his journey he’s going strong.

He’s been keeping us updated every step of the way with stark images of the unforgiving conditions and his own special brand of inspirational messages. More often than not he’s been forced to run alongside portions of the wall that have fallen into impassable disrepair, facing treacherous terrain along the way.

Lately the blistering desert conditions have been replaced with constantly fluctuating temperatures and driving rain, forcing Jason to run in weatherproof gear on many occasions. In some areas the dusty, arid air leaves much to be desired, forcing Jason to wear an air filtration mask that cuts out 50% of his air intake.

But none of that has quenched his enthusiasm. He is wholeheartedly committed to seeing this – his biggest challenge to date – through to the very end. The people he’s met along the way, along with his knowledge of the children he is helping with his PhytoBlendTM donations and the awareness he’s raising for Mannatech’s M5M movement, all encourage him to keep going and never give up.

It’s not all a battle; Jason Lester’s indomitable spirit ensures that he never lets things get to him and he always makes time for fun. His team keep him grounded, help him over hurdles and are always there to take a candid snapshot when he least expects it, the best of which inevitably turn up on his blog.

Running 2,500 miles may not be for everyone but there are plenty of ways you can make sure your life with Mannatech is as epic as Jason’s. For those of you who are taking part in the Mannatech M5M 100 Day Challenge, well done on making a commitment to greatness. If you’re not yet taking part but would like to join in, you can find more information here.

Remember, it’s not just the grand gestures that make a difference. Just by regularly ordering your favourite Mannatech products, you’re triggering automatic donations of PhytoBlend powder to children at risk of malnutrition. In a movement such as ours, every single member makes an important contribution so thank you for your ongoing commitment not only to your own wellbeing but also to that of so many children around the world.


“Nothing in the whole world is stronger than a human spirit that is inspired.” Jason


“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. The goal in life is not to be comfortable.” Jason



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