Mannatech Singapore Business Centre now open!

The opening event

The Mannatech Singapore Business Centre is open! At 1pm on Saturday 27th September 2014 the ribbon was cut to launch a new era in Mannatech Singapore’s prestigious history. The opening represents a strategic move in the expansion of Mannatech’s Australasian operations in response to significant business growth in Singapore. According to The Global Competitiveness Index 2013–2014, Singapore rates second only to Switzerland in economic performance among the top ten countries globally.

L-R: Mannatech Australasia Regional Business Development Coordinator Sinead Pollock, Mannatech International Operations Manager Jobina Ho, Mannatech President Al Bala, Mannatech CEO Dr Sinnott, Mannatech Australasia Business Development Manager Steven Foxwell and Mannatech Australasia Operations Director Mark Haines.

Mannatech CEO Dr Robert Sinnott, President Al Bala and International Operations Manager Jobina Ho, as well as Double Silver Presidential Director Carolyn Jones, Bronze Presidential Directors Chris Gregory and Lydia Leong and Presidential Directors Philip Loong and Annie Goh were all on hand to help celebrate the event. Also in attendance was Silver Presidential Director Amy Liu from Hong Kong. Everyone was impressed by the sleek decor and bright Mannatech branding and furnishings.

“We’re excited about this new opening in Singapore and we are fully committed to supporting this market,” said Mannatech President, Al Bala. “This new business center is a symbol of that commitment, and what we hope will be a stepping stone to even higher levels of success.”

L-R: Mannatech President Al Bala, Bronze Presidential Director Chris Gregory, Mannatech International Operations Manager Jobina Ho, Presidential Director Philip Loong, Bronze Presidential Director Lydia Leong, Mannatech CEO Dr Sinnott

L-R: Mannatech President Al Bala, Bronze Presidential Director Chris Gregory, Mannatech International Operations Manager Jobina Ho, Presidential Director Philip Loong, Bronze Presidential Director Lydia Leong, Mannatech CEO Dr Sinnott

The strong turnout included a select group of 80 Mannatech Associates, VIP guests and local press. Cosmetics Design Asia – the leading cosmetics website in the Asia-Pacific region – ran a feature on the opening three days prior which helped to drum up even more interest for this already highly anticipated event.

Mannatech receives coverage in cosmetics asia

After the official opening, Mannatech Singapore hosted its first order of business: an exclusive presentation featuring Dr Sinnott and Al Bala. Dr Sinnott discussed Real Food TechnologySM and Mannatech’s flagship product, Ambrotose® as well as why Mission 5 MillionSM continues to drive the heart and passion behind the company. Meanwhile, Al spoke about why now is the best time to join Mannatech as a business opportunity and the cutting-edge developments Mannatech is implementing to support business leaders in the field.

Business Development Manager Steve Foxwell, says “Wow what  an exciting day for Mannatech Singapore!! We would like to thank all of our Singapore leaders who worked so hard with the corporate team to make all of this a possibility. It was such a great event with a real buzz in the air,  everyone was very impressed and proud of the new Business Centre.

The purpose of the Business Centre

The Mannatech Business Centre has been optimally designed to facilitate and support Mannatech Singapore Associate activities including meetings and training sessions.

The Centre is fully booked out this week: on Monday the first Associate training event was held in the evening; on Tuesday evening, an opportunity meeting was held with Bronze Presidential Director Chris Gregory and local leaders; on Thursday evening, there is a ŪthSM  meeting; on Saturday afternoon, there is another opportunity meeting followed by business skills training.

Wow – what a week for Mannatech Singapore!

The first opportunity meeting

After the grand opening of the Business Centre, the Singapore team then organised their very first opportunity meeting.

Mannatech Singapore opportunity meeting

Mannatech Associates celebrating the first ever opportunity meeting in Singapore

This was held at the Suntech Convention Centre, with VIP guests CEO  Dr Robert Sinnott and Mannatech President Al Bala. Special thanks goes out to Bronze Presidential Lydia Leong, Presidential Philip Loong, Executive Director Jennifer Teo, Executive Director Weaver Chong,  National Director Sherlyn Yeo and National Director Saran Kesavan.

Mannatech Singapore opportunity meeting, Suntech Centre

National Director Saran Kesavan MCs’ the Mannatech Singapore opportunity meeting, Suntech Centre

What does the future hold?

All our Singapore leaders have high hopes for Mannatech Singapore, and the opening of the Business Centre is further testament to the growth that we’re sure to enjoy well into the future.

Mannatech Associate Lydia Leong

Bronze Presidential Director

“We had a great grand opening and a special opportunity meeting with Dr. Rob Sinnott and Al Bala. The Mannatech Singapore Business Centre is fabulous. We were wowed! It is so well equipped and fitted as a place that we will be proud to invite prospects to and to conduct meetings and training. The furnishing, posters and decor were impeccable and everything went well for the grand opening and opportunity meeting.

“With all the activities planned, we believe that we’ll see a surge in the Singapore volume!”

Mannatech Presidential Director Marie Loong

Presidential Director Marie Loong


Presidential Director Marie Loong, who could not attend the launch, created a special video message. She expressed her gratitude towards Dr. Rob Sinnott and Al Bala for coming to Singapore and joining Mannatech Associates for this very special occasion.



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To view all the photos of the opening of the Singapore Business Centre and Singapore’s first Opportunity meeting, please click here.


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