See the world with Mannatech

See the world with Mannatech

When you become a social entrepreneur with Mannatech, the rewards are many.

Mannatech prides itself on rewarding successful social entrepreneurs with money-can’t-buy experiences like the annual travel incentive. These incentive trips are exciting, fun and above all, memorable for the Associates that have worked hard, driving the company closer to it’s mission of bringing 5 million users of Mannatech products together with 5 million children at risk of malnutrition.

Here are some of those exciting places where Mannatech Associates from all around the world are travelling to celebrate their success.


In October, Mannatech Associates from South Africa and Namibia celebrated their successes on the beautiful island of Mauritius.

incentive pic 2

Mannatech Associates from South Africa and Namibia enjoyed Mauritius



Also in October this year, Mannatech Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong celebrated in Da Nang, Vietnam.

incentive pic 3

Mannatech Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong celebrated in Da Nang, Vietnam

Dominican Republic

Mannatech North America will be taking a trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

incentive pic 5

Mannatech North America will be taking a trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Cape Town

Hard working Associates in Mannatech Europe will be traveling to Cape Town, South Africa in February 2015 for their travel incentive trip. 

incentive pic 4

Mannatech Europe will be traveling to Cape Town, South Africa in Feb 2015

Associates in Australasia also recently visited Cape Town as part of an incentive trip prize. We will be covering that story next week.

Tahiti looks nice!

In March 2015, the top two business builders in Mannatech Australasia at each leadership level (excluding SND and SED) will be enjoying a trip to a beautiful resort on Moorea Island, Tahiti.

incentive pic 1

Moorea Island, Tahiti

This week, we’d like to focus on our most recent incentive prize – a trip to Guilin, China.

UnbeLievable Club Med Guilin

In late October, 25 Australasian Associates embarked on an unforgettable adventure to China, having qualified for the 2014 Triple Travel Treat incentive.

In the region of Guilin, in southern China, Associates stayed at the new Club Med Resort, located in the most beautiful scenery under the heavens between tradition and modernity on a majestic, beautifully preserved site surrounded by the River Li, terraced rice fields, mysterious caves and karst mountains.

Group Shot Day 1 Guilin

Day 1 Guilin

Guilin River Li

River Li



Some Associates launched into the adventure side of the trip, participating in rock climbing and mountain biking.




ED Annette Smith conquers the Rock climbing wall

ED Annette Smith conquers the rock climbing wall

Assoc Hans Pullens conquers the Rock Climbing Wall

Associate Hans Pullens having fun

Money can’t-buy-experiences

One of the definite highlights of the trip was the limestone cave cocktail party. How many people get to do that in their lifetime: experience an exclusive cocktail function in a spectacular limestone cave? It’s a natural cave that has been subtly accentuated with dim lighting and it was reserved for the evening only for Mannatech guests.

Caves Cocktail party group shot

Caves Cocktail party 


Shopping and Dinners

Associates also enjoyed a relaxing afternoon to stroll down Yangshuo’s famous West Street, the most western street in the region. From jade to antique dealers and local curiosities there are many things to discover and don’t forget you are expected to barter!

Zhujiajao Ancient town Group Shot

Zhujiajao Ancient town 

What’s been your most memorable travel incentive trip? Let us know by commenting in the box below.


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  1. Avatar
    Chris at 4:20 am

    There have been many and it’s hard to choose the best.
    Cancun in Mexico was certainly memorable possibly because of the contrast between an excellent resort plus visiting the ancient Myan ruins. So very much an ‘ancient and modern’ experience. And as always, going with a plane load of friends is always an uplifting experience.
    Another Mexican experience was this year going to the amazing old city of Guanajuato followed by a visit to some of the orphanages that we provide nutritional supplement too through M5M, Mission 5 Million.
    So every incentive trip is not just a wonderful reward for team effort, but also the opportunity to see outside of ourselves and help where we can, which is the heart of Mannatech.

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