Shirley Bossard’s Journey to Executive Director

Shirley Bossard’s Journey to Executive Director

“My journey to Executive Director was always going to be committed, forward moving with a dogged determination, in others words 100% all-in. The reason for this resolve in building my business is my why.

“I have had every doubt questioned, is it really worth it just like everyone else. I don’t secretly carry junk to destruction, I always go to the voice of reason in those times. Personally I take it to God and lay it down when it gets heavy. I always talk with my uplines, Silver Presidential Director, James Hannan, Presidential Director, Naomi Enevoldson and Executive Director, Sandra Spence.

“I listen to them and do as they suggest. I go back to my TOMS and rediscover little gems of wisdom. I take time to sit down, visualise and meditate on my WHY.

“My husband and I had dreams of living a lifestyle of financial freedom when we reach retirement. That was snatched away during the GFC, or so we thought. We wanted to do those things you dream of but seem so far away from your financial reality while raising children. Little pleasures like being able to have dinner in a lovely restaurant, taking off for the weekend and travelling overseas.

“After working all your adult life, it’s not unrealistic to believe this is what awaits you when you retire. Sometimes life throws a curve ball and things get turned upside down.

“I know without a shadow of doubt this business is the vehicle that will give us that freedom to choose. My dreams and our M5MSM Mission are the driving force. The integrity of our company, coupled with such incredible products and resources, along with the constant supportive help from our corporate staff just blows me away. Honestly, everything is at our finger tips, the choice is ours to succeed, or not.

“I call being Executive Director “Hump Wednesday” in my business. I can now look back and know all those seeds I sowed in the past 2 and a half years are still bearing fruit and I am on track. It is exhilarating and such a privilege to have an incredible team who work equally as hard.

“My business is growing exponentially. I have a quiet satisfaction of knowing I am on track with my 2-5 year plan. Life is good!”

Executive Director, Shirley Bossard

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