Germ Free for a BP!

Germ Free for a BP!

Mannatech Hand Sanitizer

To help you keep those nasties at bay, we have included a FREE hand sanitizer in your product order for BP9 if you include Manna-C™ capsules or MannaBOOM™ Slim Sticks in your selection.

This portable gift with purchase is branded with Mannatech’s very own Wellness League super heroes – fighting to keep your immune system fortified!

Convenient and fun, the hand sanitizer is the perfect accompaniment for the Manna-C and MannaBOOM products, both of which support your body’s defence against germs and free-radicals in their own unique way!

Manna-C™ capsules include naturally sourced ingredients and supply your body with 65% of your daily recommended intake of Vitamin C to help keep your body’s natural defences strong.

MannaBOOM™ Slim Sticks feature a proprietary herbal and Glyconutrient blend with plant and food-sourced vitamins, fortifying your immune system to keep you fighting fit!

Add one of the above products to your product order in BP9 and keep your hands germ free with your free gift!

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