Health Food Trends 2016

Health Food Trends 2016

2015 saw health food products turn mainstream with bloggers and instagrammers turning quirky and weird foods into household essentials. From quinoa and smoothie bowls to raw desserts and cricket based protein thanks to the introduction of the Paleo diet.

We’ve rounded up the top food trends everyone is talking about to help you spruce up your meal plan in 2016.

Probiotics & Prebiotics
Due to the high level of processed foods, coffee and sugar we may consume each day and the stresses of modern life our guts can take a beating working on overdrive to keeps us running at maximum speed.

Fermented foods are great for cultivating good gut health though if that’s not your thing we suggest a good probiotic and prebiotic to help keep your body humming along, such as GI-ProBalance® Slim Sticks. The combination of the two gives a “synergistic” effect – working together as a symbiotic!

Natural Wholefoods
It’s no secret that foods found in their natural state are what the human body craves and flourishes on but it’s fair to say sometimes those foliage greens that are oh so good for you just don’t taste that delicious, no matter how much coconut oil, soy sauce or dukka you smother it in.

Mannatech products include naturally sourced ingredients, so your body gets a substantial boost in the vitamins and minerals it can use to function optimally. Even the little ones can get a boost of glyconutrients with MannaBears®.

Eating For Beauty
Every woman wants luscious locks, glowing skin and healthy nails, and this year is no different! With woman across the globe realising that the secret can’t be found in the beauty aisle though rather in the foods we eat. I am going to let you in on the secret to beautiful hair, skin and nails…. Omega-3! The best part of incorporating Omega-3 into your diet is that it is also great for your brain and heart health too!

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