Meet the Mannatech Veteran

Meet the Mannatech Veteran

Powering Cell-to-Cell Communication Since the Dawn of Mannatech

Our bodies are complex machines made up of trillions of cells that constantly communicate with each other to make sure we work efficiently. Each cell is programmed with a different task that contributes to the overall health and function of our body. If we become exposed to factors such as adverse environmental conditions, poor nutrition or even stress, our cell communication can be affected. This can then affect our overall health, preventing us from functioning at optimum wellness.

Please meet the leader of Mannatech’s Wellness League, Dr. Ambro! It was through this scientific recognition of cellular communication that Dr. Ambro of Ambrotose® complex came to be. Ambrotose complex was designed to support your immune system by helping to improve your cellular communication, this is called Glyconutrition. Simply put, to help support optimum health and well being.

Ambrotose complex is the world’s first dietary supplement to combine a scientifically proven and standardised blend of plant sourced Glyconutrients.

What are Glyconutrients?

Glyconutrient saccharides are formulated to support Glycoproteins in our bodies. Glycoproteins are a part of cell membranes, and support the cells abilities to talk to each other; supporting the efficiency of all the bodies systems.

O.K. that’s the sciencey stuff out of the way so what does that actually mean for your health?

A whole lot! Third party clinical trials have shown that due to improved cellular communication, you get improved cognitive function. This can potentially lead to better memory and concentration, improved moods and makes you less irritable, boosts to the immune system, support for proper organ function and a helps you have a more efficient digestive system. Ambrotose complex helps you build a strong foundation for better well-being, at the cellular level.

Get Dr. Ambro and his Glyconutrient technology supporting your wellness today, add Ambrotose complex to your next order!

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