Glyconutrition Elevator Pitch

Glyconutrition Elevator Pitch

Mannatech’s new brand can help you more easily share the Mannatech story with others to help you grow your business. One of the core elements of Mannatech’s success can be attributed to its pioneering work in the field of Glyconutrition, which is at the heart of many of its most successful products.

But what is Glyconutrition?
The answer to that question can be highly scientific and technical. Most of us are not trained molecular biologists or physicians, so explaining the virtues of Glyconutrition may take you down a path you (and your prospect) are not all comfortable with. That is the purpose behind the creation of the Glyconutrition Elevator Pitch that was developed along with the new brand.

First, an “elevator pitch” is called that because it is brief and compelling. It is something you could share with someone in the span of an elevator ride. Because Glyconutrition can be complex, boiling its benefits down into a brief statement will help drive home how powerful Mannatech products can be in a minute, or so. It also frees Associates from having to become experts in cellular biology and create presentations that lose their power because they take up more time than prospects can tolerate.

Why do we focus so much on Glyconutrition?
Think of it like this, if Mannatech will “Transform Your Life”, then Glyconutrition is the transformative ingredient. Part of the message is that Mannatech is “Powered By Glyconutrition”.  This is similar to the famous slogan “Intel Inside”.

“It is what differentiates us from all of our competition,” said Joel Bikman, Mannatech’s Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing and the force behind the rebrand. “Glyconutrition is an umbrella over all of our products.

“Why are our fat loss products, skincare, immune products, nutrition or business opportunity better than any other companies? It’s because of Glyconutrition. This positioning is exclusively ours. No one else has it.”

The “Powered By Glyconutrition” can be visualised in this graphic that captures the technology’s application through Mannatech’s product categories:

Glyconutrition Umbrella

As for the elevator pitch itself, Bikman and his team developed two pitches for Associates to use and share during their interactions with others:

Short Glyconutrition elevator pitch:

“Transform your wellness by nourishing your cells.”

Long Glyconutrition elevator pitch:

“The human body is a miracle. There are trillions of cells in your body, and they communicate with one another. These cells know when they need nourishment, protection, repair, and even destruction. When cells don’t have proper nutrition, however, they don’t communicate well. But with the right kind of nourishment, your body can do amazing things. This specific nourishment is called Glyconutrition. Mannatech is the pioneer and patent holder for this groundbreaking technology that’s revolutionising nutrition, immune health, weight loss, skincare and more.”

“These messages are simple, brief and consistent,” said Bikman. “Anyone can memorise and adapt this. When coupled with a personal, compliant testimonial, the elevator pitch will be incredibly powerful.”

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