Important Updates

Important Updates

Last modified: 27th September 2023

Dear Associate

We will keep this page updated with new information and changes. Please refer back to this article for any corporate updates.

Operations Update- 13 September 2023

Dear Valued Customers & Associates,

We wanted to take a moment to update you on an important change within our product lineup.

Due to the recent increase in production costs, and declining sales in the ImmunoSTART Product, we regret to inform you that Mannatech has had to make the difficult decision to discontinue this product, effective November, 2023.

We understand that many of you have enjoyed this product, and we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your loyalty, and that we share your disappointment in the discontinuation of ImmunoSTART.

In light of this change and as we remain committed to providing you with amazing products to suit your supplement needs, we have compiled a list of alternative products that provide similar benefits and can be downloaded here

What do you need to do?

If you currently have this product on your automatic order, be sure to remove this or contact the Customer Service team for their assistance in removing this from your automatic order by the end of October.

As we farewell this product, we will be running a clearance sale on remaining stock while it lasts. Please be sure to download your flyer and read the conditions that apply as this product has a short expiry. Purchase here.

We thank you in advance for your understanding of this difficult decision & your continuing loyalty to Mannatech.
For any further questions, please contact the Customer Service Team on:

Australia – 1300 361 878
New Zealand – 0800 333 250
Singapore –  800 130 1597

Operations Update- 13 September 2023

As of today, the New Zealand Payment issue has been resolved & all orders have been released.

If you experience any issues, or have any other concerns, please contact the Customer Service team on: 

Phone: 0800 333 250   

Operations Update- 6th September 2023

Dear Valued Customers & Associates, 

We are writing today to advise of an issue we are currently experiencing with payment processing for our New Zealand market. 

This has affected all new orders placed since 1st September and means:

  • Your order will show as Payment/Credit Card declined. However, please know that this is an issue at our end and not an issue with your card or card issuer.
  • Your order is currently on hold and will be released as soon as the issue is resolved. 
  • New orders can still be placed, however, payment will show as declined and your order will be on hold until the issue is resolved. 

Mannatech’s IT team in the US Head Office are currently working on rectifying the issue and we anticipate this being resolved in the next 24 – 48 hours.

We greatly appreciate your patience with us as we work through this, and we will provide an update on this issue as soon as we can. 

Operations Update- 27 July 2023

As you are aware, inflation continues to dramatically impact the economy on a global scale through increases in labour, energy, materials, ingredients and transport costs.

This poses difficult challenges for most companies, Mannatech included.

Over the past 3 years, the Mannatech Executive Team have adapted to these challenges and managed these higher costs, however, in order to continue to preserve the integrity and the quality of Mannatech products, have now had to make some difficult decisions.

We have worked hard with our manufacturing partners on materials and ingredients we source from all over the world to make our products and in order to cover the increase in costs, we will need to implement price adjustments for 2023.

With the US and Europe having implemented these adjustments earlier in the year, it is now Australasia’s turn and this will be completed in two phases.

Phase 1 
Price adjustments come into effect in Australia from 1st August.

Phase 2
Price adjustments come into effect in both New Zealand and Singapore in September. This date will be announced shortly. 

The price adjustments will see an average increase of 6%. For some products this will be less and for others it will be more. Your updated price list can be downloaded via the link for further details. 74990013007063.pdf (

Please know that Mannatech remains committed to offering you the best products made with the highest quality ingredients, so this decision was not made lightly.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Customer Service Team on:

Australia: 1300 361 878
New Zealand: 1300 333 250
Singapore: 800 130 1597

Alternatively, you may wish to contact the Australasian Management team on

We appreciate your loyalty and thank you for your continued support.Your Mannatech Australasia Team

Operations Update- 14 July 2023

We recently announced an important update to our invoicing process and as of last Friday 7th July, we made the transition to paperless.

This means that you are no longer receiving a physical invoice with your delivery and instead, it is delivered to you electronically, directly to your registered email address. 

This is exciting news as we are now:

  • Reducing paper usage and waste. No more extra paper to file or dispose of. 
  • Working more sustainably.
  • Improving efficiencies with both the billing system & warehouse processing.
  • Providing convenient access to your invoice any time you need to and, it can be stored electronically. 

If you haven’t already, we would encourage you to take a moment to make sure your email address is up to date so that you never miss an invoice.

This can be done online, or, you can contact the Customer Service team for assistance on:
Australia: 1300 361 878
New Zealand: 1300 333 250
Singapore: 800 130 1597
Email: Thank you for joining us on this journey towards sustainability. 

We appreciate your continued partnership and look forward to serving you better through our paperless invoicing system. 

Operations Update- 2nd May 2023

Associate Registration & Renewal Fee Update
As of 1st January 2023, there has been two key changes to Mannatech Associate registrations both as a New Associate and as an existing Associate renewing your annual registration

Associate Registration Renewal Fee

For Associates renewing your annual registration, this fee has been updated to AUD, SGD & NZD $69.00 per year. Additionally, it will no longer include Loyalty Points when renewing your registration. 

However, we have added more value for Associates by providing access to more powerful digital tools to help grow your influence and manage your business. 

For starters, we have introduced the comprehensive business management and business building tool ‘Penny App’ which is designed to help you manage and grow your existing Customer and Associate base. With every annual renewal, this personalised and supportive app will continue to be available to you at no added cost. Your fee will also continue to include Basic Success Tracker and a Personal Mannatech Website. 

By renewing your registration, you will retain all rights and privileges as an Associate, including your eligibility to continue earning commissions as well as earning up to 20% Loyalty Rewards on your purchases of Mannatech products. 

You can renew as a Mannatech Associate online at at any time, or, contact the Customer Service Team for their support on:
Australia – 1300 361 878
New Zealand – 1300 333 250
Singapore – 800 130 1597

As your renewal anniversary approaches, you will receive a special email reminder and an FAQ sheet will be provided on this update shortly. 

New Associate Registration Fee

As with Associate Renewal Fees, a New Associate Registration fee has been updated to AUD, SGD, NZD $69.00 per year. This fee will continue to include Success Tracker Premium FREE for the first 12 months (after the initial 12 months the Associate will then need to pay for Success Tracker Premium or default to Basic Success Tracker) and the Penny App. 

Product Update- 13th January 2023

Gi-Pro Update

Despite everyone on the team, both here and in the US best efforts to minimise the out-of-stock situation, unfortunately we have concluded that this is not a quick resolution.

It is likely that this product will not be available until mid-year when we plan to re-launch it as an improved formula with TGA approval (which this product hasn’t had up until now). This will also give us the opportunity to do a re-launch with stronger messaging on its benefits.

We understand the frustration that this has created so we will continue to monitor the situation and further updates will be provided when known.

Product Update- 14th November 2022

GI-ProBalance Update

As you are aware, GI-ProBalance has been out of stock and on backorder since September.

We wish to advise that the current formula will be discontinued and the great news is, this product is currently being revised so that a new and improved superior product can be brought to you as soon as possible next year.

If you have this product in your Monthly Subscription (automatic order), please be sure to remove it by 31st December. 

As we have further updates, we will share this as soon as it is possible. 

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