Introducing Superfood Greens and Reds

Introducing Superfood Greens and Reds

At our hugely successful Conference over the weekend, we launched – SUPERFOOD Greens and Reds, a ‘Greens’ drink that has 16 fruits and vegetables in one, including glyconutrients (Manapol Aloe Vera Extract).

Conference attendees were sent into a flurry of excitement as Marketing Director, Sarah Wardrop, launched the product, a global first, available only in.

“We are super excited to be able to be the first market in the Mannatech world, globally, to launch this product, the greens market is something that is a high growth area in nutrition and wellness and with a strawberry kiwi flavour, it’s delicious!”

During the launch, Dr Steven Nugent featured, capturing all the ingredients, features and the benefits of the product. Dr Nugent especially created this video for the Australian market.

The Australasian Market is a prime market to introduce this product.

With one in two (50 per cent) adults are not eating the recommended intake of fruit, and two out of three adults (66 per cent) are not eating enough vegetables

The Fruit, Vegetable and Diet Score Report, produced by the CSIRO in 2017, compiled the dietary habits of adults across Australia over an 18-month period.  With 145,975 participants nationwide, this survey is the largest of its kind ever conducted in Australia.

The overwhelming message is that most Australians are not as healthy as they think and need to eat higher quantities and a greater variety of fruit and vegetables every day to meet the minimum Australian benchmark.

As part of the conference, participants were able to order Superfood: Greens and Reds individually, as well as take advantage of a special promotion. This promotion was available first to Conference Attendees. It is now available publicly on the website to order from Tuesday 25th February for a limited time only whilst stock lasts.

SUPERFOODS: Greens and Reds

Associate Price:
$85.00 AUD/SGD
$90.00 NZD

Retail Price:
$95.00 AUD/SGD
$99.00 NZD

PV: 70

SUPERFOODS: Greens and Reds

Click on the below links for all the information you need about Superfood Greens and Reds!

Check out the new product here

Superfood Greens and Reds Launch video

Dr Nugent Product Focus video

Superfood Greens and Reds Brochure

Product Information sheet

Sales Sheet

Superfood FAQ

Superfood Launch Presentation

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