Products: Is This The Missing Link In Human…..Nutrition?

Products: Is This The Missing Link In Human…..Nutrition?

Mannatech presents Ambrotose ® Complex.

Mannatech’s Ambrotose complex is the world’s first dietary supplement to combine a scientifically proven and standardized blend of plant sourced glyconutrients.

What are Glyconutrients?

Good question glad you asked. Glyconutrient saccharides make up what is called a Glycoprotein. These attach themselves to cell membranes massively increasing the cells abilities to talk to each other. Improving the efficiency of all the bodies systems.

O.K. that’s the sciencey stuff out of the way so what does that actually mean for you and your family’s health?

A lot. Third party clinical trials have shown that due to improved cellular communication, you get improved cognitive function. This means better memory and concentration. Improved moods and less irritability. Boosts to the immune system, and support for proper organ function. And a more efficient digestive system. Ambrotose complex helps you build a strong foundation for better wellbeing, at the cellular level.

Where does Mannatech’s Ambrotose complex come from?

In the 1980s Mannatech scientists started to research just why Aloe Vera was so beneficial to the human body. They isolated mannose a unique sugar responsible for Aloe Vera’s immune boosting properties. Additionally, Mannatech has an impressive portfolio of patented products validated by research conducted by independent scientists and published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Currently, 17 human clinical trials have been published, 13 of which were double-blind, placebo-controlled studies — the gold standard for product validation.The result of this scientific research is Ambrotose complex.

Mannatech’s Ambrotose complex is the missing link that will fulfill your family’s nutritional needs.

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 Summer’s Back!


That means it’s beach and BBQ time, but it also means indulging which isn’t so good for your beach body. That’s where Mannatech’s NU-FLAVOUR blends come in. How about a healthy and nutritional supplement that can help your diet without you feeling like you’re missing out? NU-FLAVOUR sachets come in vanilla and chocolate and are packed full of ingredients that actually add nutritional value – as well as flavour – to your shakes or food. They contain Omega-3 essential fatty acids, phytosterols and antioxidants. They’re gluten, dairy and soy free as well, making them incredibly versatile for people with specific dietary requirements.

Add NU-FLAVOUR blends to shakes, smoothies and desserts to increase your daily intake of nutrients. They’re easy to use (in convenient single servings with ten sachets in each box) and easily mix with water, milk, yoghurt, pudding… pretty much any foodstuff of thin to medium consistency. NU-FLAVOUR sachets can also be added to OsoLean®, Ambrotose® or NutriVerus™ powders to enhance the flavour of your favourite powder-based Mannatech products.

As with everything in the Mannatech range, NU-FLAVOUR sachets contain naturally sourced ingredients so there are no artificial colours or flavours. This makes them the perfect addition to your kids’ drinks and sweet treats. That way you know they’re getting a health hit even in their favourite snacks!

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