Share Mannatech effectively in under 15 minutes (Part 1)

Share Mannatech effectively in under 15 minutes (Part 1)

About JP Koster

JP Koster is a Mannatech Silver Presidential from South Africa. He is a young vibrant Leader who when asked how he became a Presidential Director and what was needed for someone else do the same shared the following: “They want to know all the secrets. Firstly there is no secret but the four main ingredients that worked and are still working for me are as follows. Firstly, I was prepared to do whatever it took to make it work. I was willing to put in the time, the effort and make the financial sacrifices necessary to succeed. Secondly, I risked the personal fear of rejection, because my “why” was more important than the opinion of others. Thirdly, I put in the effort necessary to learn the business, build relationships with large number of prospects, and identify the leaders who were ready to go to the next level NOW. Fourthly, I remained positive, enthusiastic, and focussed on the necessary tasks it would take to make it happen. I stayed close to my Upline. I was Hungry, Honable and Honourable. Give yourself time to succeed. Have fun, make money but most importantly make a difference.“

Mannatech Live session

In April this year, Clarke Gamer asked JP Koster to show Associates how he explains the business plan, how he explains the compensation plan, how he trains his leaders how to do it. This is called the napkin plan. This article runs through how JP Koster explains the business plan and how he trains his leaders to do the same. Watch the video version here.

Build credibility – the fast facts

To start, you need to build some credibility around who Mannatech is and what we stand for. To start, we do that is by just sharing a few fast facts about the company:

  • We are an American public company listed on the NASDAC. We have been listed since 1999
  • We are doing business in over 24 different countries. This means we all have the opportunity to build international business. And if you think about it, we’re not doing business in any of the emerging markets in the world which is really Brazil, Russia, India and China.
  • Mannatech has existed since 1994. We have a 20 year history as a company. This is a massive track record.

Build credibility – the 3 pillars

The next thing I do to further build credibility is to share the 3 pillars of Mannatech.

Pillar #1 – We are in the health and wellness industry

Now most people are familiar that the health and wellness industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The reason for this is that health care is about providing adequate solutions. Baby Boomers, born just after World War 2 and before 1964, numbering almost a billion people, want to live longer, they want better looking skin (anti-ageing), they want fat reduction and so forth. Industry economists are predicting that as the health and wellness industry becomes a trillion dollar industry, about 20 companies are going to really control about 80% of this market. If you want to be one of these top 20 companies, you need 4 different things:

  1. You need patented products because everyone has a multivitamin mineral, everyone has an antioxidant, everyone has a fat loss product. So what makes Mannatech unique is that we are pioneers in the field of a whole new class of nutrient called glyconutrients and Mannatech has more than 90 patents in our technology.
  2. You need scientific validation on your technology. Mannatech has so many different clinical trials to be able to prove that our products help with cognitive function, digestive function, immune function. All of these scientific studies are all available on
  3. You need a disruptive technology.  Mannatech’s products are very disruptive because when they first came out to market they were so new and, Mannatech could never prove why these products do what we saw the products did. Now after many years of research and after having the scientific validation, we can now prove all of these different things.
  4. You need a guarantee on your product. Mannatech Australasia offers a 90 day satisfaction guarantee on their technology. This means you can try the products for 90 days and, if you are not satisfied, the company will give you a full refund.

Pillar #2 – Social entrepreneurship

Mannatech has taken on a global challenge – malnutrition. Every single year there are over 5 million children who have died because of malnutrition. Mannatech has decided to link up 5 million consumers with 5 million malnourished children. We call this Mission 5 MillionSM. If we achieve our goal, we will eradicate malnutrition globally and, as we do this, we will be a 5 billion dollar company.

Pillar #3 – How the business works

Mannatech is a direct selling company. Direct sales is a phenomenal business because it allows the average ordinary person like me and you to get involved in business for the very first time.

The direct sales industry in 2010, generated about US125 billion dollars. In 2012 the industry generated about US167 billion dollars. As you can see, it’s an industry that’s growing massively. In 2014 it’s bigger and growing rapidly as more and more people are becoming familiar with marketing and direct selling. This is where the opportunityis created for people to earn an extra stream of income.

There are some proven business leaders championing the direct selling industry like Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Robert Kyosaki. These business leaders are saying this is really a business of the future. The business of the 21st century. There are 4 things I like about this industry.

  1. You start a business part-time. Carry on with your weekly full time job but build your business part-time. That’s because the company does everything for you so it’s a part-time business.
  2. It’s a no risk proposition: I mean you could start off with Mannatech just by buying a product from the company and you could build your business, so there is no risk involved. Contrast this to any traditional business. There are many risks of starting your own business. Many people don’t have the opportunity to start their business for the first time because if it doesn’t work, they might lose everything they have ever worked for in their life. Whereas with a direct selling business, you can just buy a product from the company and start sharing this with other people.
  3. You can build an international business. We spoke a little bit about that earlier and that is of course doing business in more than 24 different markets.
  4. It is a turn-key business. What I mean by turn-key is that you don’t have to carry any stock. You only buy the products you would like to use personally so you don’t have to deliver any products, you don’t have to handle any cash. All that you do is recommend the products and you can either do that online or through Facebook, Twitter, by email or just actually picking up the phone and phoning someone and having a cup of coffee with them.

in next week’s blog post, JP Koster will share how money is made with a direct selling company.

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