Melissa Humphris Answers the Tough Questions

Melissa Humphris Answers the Tough Questions

Attendees at the recent Mannatech Super Regional event in Sydney on the 18th of June, 2016 were able to hear Regional Director, Melissa Humphris answer some of the toughest questions Associates can be asked working in the Direct Selling Industry.

For those of you who missed it, have a read and be inspired. There is so much to gain through building a business with Mannatech!

Is it hard?

Let me tell you what’s hard…Working a double shift, having to wait until I finished my shift to visit my father in ICU because there was no one to replace me at work. Missing out on my children’s’ birthday parties; sporting events and school assemblies because I was working to provide for them. It’s especially hard going back to work after an incentive trip!

“Being an entrepreneur is hard, being an employee is hard – choose your hard“ ~ Eric Worre

What do you make?

  • You make a difference!
  • You make mistakes but you grow from them
  • You make great friends who cheer you on
  • You make memories
  • You make a list
  • You make decisions about your future
  • You make a few phone calls
  • You stay up late drinking coffee, on the phone with your mentor
  • You work hard to help your team achieve their goals
  • You make a difference to someone’s health
  • You make sure you’re at every event your upline promotes
  • You make dreams become a reality!

How do you get started?

If you wait until you’re ready you’ll be waiting a long time. Appreciate your strengths. We all have the same opportunity to be successful. I’m not interested in competing with anyone else – I hope we all make it- to whatever level we choose.

  • Get with the person that invited you here today – they will help you
  • Find a mentor / coach
  • Keep turning up
  • Let your dreams be bigger than your fears
  • Let your actions speak louder than words
  • If you’re here today – getting started? You already have!
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