The Journey Upwards

The Journey Upwards


Building a business is never easy. But pushing yourself to take that leap and succeeding is something to celebrate. We’ve had some great success stories from Associates starting their Mannatech business and rising to Executive and National Director levels. Here are three stories we’re excited to share.

Shana Green – Road to a National Director

“In 2015, I was struggling with my health. Even though I was only 23 years old I was always in pain, had no energy or appetite and was told by my doctors that becoming pregnant could be difficult. Life was hard at times but then my neighbour, Kristy Sapwell introduced me to Mannatech, where my journey began. I started on the products and within weeks noticed changes. I was sleeping better, got my appetite back and had the energy to walk the dog! I was so excited by the change in my health that I wanted to spread the word and help others like me, as well as being able to get my products subsidised (we were saving for a house at the time). To get the word out I organised a few local fundraising markets with Kristy. We met like-minded people who saw the value in what we had and I continue to share Mannatech with my friends. In 2016 I became pregnant, was studying full-time to become a nurse, saving for a house and life was full on. But with all this going on, I never stopped my Mannatech business. I have kept in close contact with Kristy and while all this has been happening, my business has been steadily growing. I now have two babies under the age of 2 (Tyler and Riley) and I am so excited to reach the level of National Director. I am so excited at what this new Compensation Plan could do for young families like ours. Giving them the ability to earn extra income, as well as change their health like it has mine. Thank you Mannatech.” – Shana Green, 7 July 2017.

Ivy Rawes – Road to a National Director

“As my enrollers Patsy and Phil Walkden-Brown will attest to, my road to National Director has been long and slow. I was introduced to Mannatech in February 2004 as an enthusiastic customer, but a very reluctant team builder. When I was introduced to Mannatech, I was working as a Registered Nurse at the Royal Brisbane Hospital. I enjoyed my work and did not think I needed anything else in my life, except my passion for my handcrafts and my reading. My health, I thought was under control. A little bit overweight, blood pressure up more than a little, cholesterol a bit high and my thyroid a bit low – but all controlled by mainstream medication prescribed by my GP. Patsy, being the smart lady that she is, drip fed me information and invited me to meetings to which I always found excuses not to attend. Over time I started to attend, joined a couple of people and reached Regional Director and maintained this until I reached National Director.

In 2016 Patsy attended Mannafest and when she returned, I could see how excited she was. I made up my mind then that in 2017 I was going to attend. How I was going to get there I had no idea. But I was going! My bonuses as a Regional Director all went into a special account not to be touched and in April 2017 I made it with the help of my saved bonuses. It’s the best move I have made. I have always been an avid reader, but now my choice in reading material has changed. A book by Jeff Olsen “The Slight Edge” has been the book that has challenged and changed my thinking and lifted me from someone who shied away from talking to people, to someone who now talks to all people. I am a great believer in the tools of the month and am now a regular at all the meetings. Without the encouragement of Patsy and the patience of Phil I would not be at the level that I am and I will be forever grateful.” Ivy Rawes, 12 July 2017.

Hank and Jan van der Zee – Road to Executive Directors

“Jan and I are really happy to have achieved the Executive Director level. Our journey is one riddled with twists and turns and then some. It really boils down to, we are just a product of the system and the guidance of Naomi Enevoldson and James Hannan. We started after seeing the business plan and knew nothing else about the product or company, but the numbers made perfect sense The rest of it didn’t matter from a business perspective. Then when the starter pack came, I threw it in the office closet and it stayed there for a year. Eventually we made the commitment to start and 90 days or so later we were National Directors. Wow! A few months later Jan had a fall and smashed two heel bones (Calaca neous). It put us out of action for the next year or so. Amazingly, the business still grew, despite the many ups and downs along the way. Here’s the thing, as business people for most of our working lives, starting from zero every day, it’s refreshing to have an income that just keeps growing. We never gave up the dream of being an ultimate achiever. It is still as ripe today as ever. Yes we’ve seen friends give up, yes we have a lot of NOs and here it is still working for us. The business is the most amazing vehicle.” Hank and Jan van der Zee, 25 July 2017.

These statements are opinions of Mannatech Associates and not of Mannatech Australasia. These statements have not been evaluated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. Always consult with your doctor or a qualified healthcare provider before embarking on a new healthcare product. 

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