Never give up on your dreams, if you can dream it, you CAN DO it!

Never give up on your dreams, if you can dream it, you CAN DO it!

Congratulations to Nerina Du Plessis, on your new National Director role!

“Firstly I want to give thanks to God who blessed me with this opportunity. I want to thank my Upline Naomi Enevoldson and James Hannan for their endless efforts to help me grow and develop as a leader.
I joined Mannatech at the end of September 2014, I always wanted my own business and this business opportunity ticked all the boxes for me. My parents couldn’t afford to send me to university after year 12, so I have been working in different casual jobs for the past 21 years. None of these jobs really interested me, and there was always this void of not making a difference. We moved to Australia in 2005, only came with 20kg of luggage and had to start from scratch buying furniture, a family car etc. I completed my Personal Training qualification in 2008, started studying BSc in Health Science in February 2014, distance education, specialising in Food and Nutrition…My dream is to be an outdoor group Personal Trainer.; I want have more time to train and really want to compete at the Mastersgames in the future. 

I can honestly say my life has changed since joining Mannatech. I have a passion for healthy living, pushing my body through limits and helping others. When I started, I was a little bit scared, I didn’t know anything about Network Marketing, but I started taking ACTION,because action kills FEAR. I love our products, especially our sports performance range. My stamina and endurance has improved in leaps and bounds. When I started my Mannatech journey, I was learning to swim because my goal was to do my first short distance triathlon, and the swim leg was the leg I was really afraid off because I didn’t have experience in that area. I started doing little training sessions, followed the advice of a master swimmer at our local pool, and slowly made progress.

I set goals for myself.It is the same in building my business as a Social Entrepreneur It’s about facing the giant, overcoming the fear of doubt. All it requires is a willingness to start, to be hungry for it and to have a burning desire to live the lifestyle of my dreams and to be coachable.   I want to share this quote of Tony Robbins: “Daily action ignites the momentum that creates lasting change. If you don’t act, your dreams will die in your mind.” I have made a decision to grab this opportunity with MANNATECH with both hands I love our global mission. I want to leave a legacy, I want personal freedom, more flexibility. To enjoy my sport.

This business opportunity enables me to do that! I am surrounded by positive people and have an ongoing personal development plan. Reaching National Director level was awesome, I stayed close to my upline and concentrated on taking little steps I like to break goals down into little chunks…I will only flourish as I face challenges!


The power of comm-unity!

Written by Garry Gnapp, Executive Director

Body Shape Solutions takes the Global Weight Management Congresses prestigious People’s Choice Award: Best Weight Management Product of the Year!

A BIG Thanks to all who voted!


Mannatech Associates Garry Gnapp, Paula de Graaf and Michelle Parker

Melbourne based Weight Management Studio, Body Shape Solutions has won the inaugural Best Weight Management Product of the Year at this year’s Global Weight Management Congress.

Mannatech Associate Paula de Graaf has been using the Mannatech fat loss technology with great success in her business called Body Shape Solutions and has recently fully integrated the new ‘Your Body Your Way’ System into their weight loss programme.

Presented on 8th May  at the Brisbane Convention Centre, the awards have been implemented to acknowledge the commitment and involvement of those in the weight management community both in Australia and overseas. The objective is to applaud those who are helping people make significant health changes in the lives of others. 


Overall, the rigorous judging process included a written submission and panel interview that saw the competitive awards 400 nominees and 200 entries short-listed to five inspirational finalists.

The Best Weight Management Product of the Year is a nod from industry peers and applause to the extraordinary and significant product, which encourages a healthy and sustainable approach to weight loss and permanent lifestyle changes.

It’s a real coup for the Body Shape Solutions team as they were up against some tough competition with over 6000 votes being placed by the public for the competitive People’s Choice Awards.

“It is a great honour to have received this award at such a prestigious event and it has given us all at Body Shape Solutions great confidence that at last, we have a sustainable solution for this global crisis” said Paula de Graaf, Body Shape Solutions Director after being presented with the award.

“Every day people are making significant changes in either their own lives or the lives of others in regards to obesity, and it is for this reason that the Annual Weight Excellence Awards is such an important date in our industry’s calendar”, explains Sonja Bella, organiser of Australia’s first Global Weight Management Congress.

“Until now, the Weight Management community has not had industry-focused recognition for standout members and practitioners… this really is an important industry first event!

“I am both excited and humbled to be able to offer this recognition to those who deserve it most, and many of our winners really do have the weight of the world in their hands.

“Individual responsibility can only have its full effect where people have access to a healthy lifestyle, and are supported to make healthy sustainable choices. It is our inspirational award winners who are actively helping to facilitate this change and support individuals who are either overweight or obese”. So it is essential that people like Paula de Graaf and her team at Body Shape Solutions continue to help battle the issue and we as a community celebrate these pioneering new ways!”

The opening address was delivered by the President of the AMA Queensland, Dr Shaun Rudd, the Keynote speakers included:

Associate Professor Anna Peeters – Head of Obesity and Population Health at the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute and 2014 President of the Australian and New Zealand Obesity Society

Christine Houghton – B.Sc.Biochem.), Grad.Dip.Hum.Nutr.,R.Nutr.,Ph.D.;

Dr Dean Stubbs – MBChB (Otago) Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practice

Associate Professor Marina Reeves – Doctor of Philosophy, Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition & Dietetics), University of Queensland

Dr Helena Popovic – MBBS, Medical Doctor; and Professor Neil King – Acting Assistant Dean | Research, Faculty of Health, Queensland University of Technology.

In addition there were a number of workgroups and panel forums that often sparked strong debate due to the wide range of very diverse approaches obesity.

So it was indeed a great honour to win this award against such strong competition and is true validation and exposure for the Mannatech fat loss technology and the ‘Your Body Your Way’ system implemented by Body Shape Solutions.

Well done to Paula, Michelle and all at Body Shape Solutions and of course ‘Most Inspiring Weight Loss Story’ Finalist and Osolean Superstar Paul Tonkinson who went from 150KGs down to a trim 88Kgs as a Body Shape Solutions Client!


Mannatech Associate Paul Tonkinson

Peoples Choice Finalist – Most Inspiring Weight Loss Story

As we all know, Mannatech is light years ahead and I can assure you that as the congress progressed I had an immense feeling of pride and confidence that WE have the answer they are ALL looking for!

Thanks again to all who voted


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